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Where the Fandoms Overlap

I have wished you joy since first I saw you…


The Return of the King ending credits (requested by anonymous)

Lord of the Rings meme » six/seven locations - The Grey Havens

Courage, Merry.

Aye, I could do that…

My lady, you are fair, and brave, and have much to live for and many who love you. I know it is too late to turn aside. I know there is not much point now in hoping. If I were a knight of Rohan, capable of great deeds…but I’m not. I’m a Hobbit, and I know I can’t save Middle Earth. I just want to help my friends, Frodo, Sam…Pippin. More than anything, I wish I could see them again.

Peter Jackson’s cameos in the LOTR Trilogy


Samwise the Brave, ladies and gentlemen.

I know your face…

Even the smallest person can change the course of the future.

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